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Our Aircraft: The DA42 TwinStar

Diamond Executive Aviation operates a fleet of Diamond Aircraft's DA42 TwinStars


This revolutionary aircraft is transforming personal air transport throughout Europe.

The DA42 TwinStar integrates safety through a modern design conforming to the most stringent standards known, with operating range through its highly efficient and economical trubo charged diesel engines and speed through its refined aerodynamic design.

With two engines, both capable of operating at full continuous power indefinitely, and the ability to still climb on just one engine at full weight, the DA42 provides a degree of resilience and reassurance for travel across water, mountains, night time and other marginal or demanding situations.

The DA42 is relatively environmentally friendly, burning far less fuel than any other aircraft; using jet fuel in a turbo charged diesel engine results very low emissions. All other small air taxis use petrol based engines, burning very high leaded fuels at 2 to 4 times the rate that a DA42 burns fuel!

Its passenger carbon tax measured in a passenger mile context is the lowest of any aircraft.

All this means are planes are cheaper to operate, which means that are fares are lower than all our competitors!

The DA42 comes with a comfortable and spacious leather finished interior for four people, of which 3 can be passengers. Passenger space is somewhere between business class and premium economy, not cattle class! Working on your laptop is certainly practical and possible.


The DA42 has two substantial luggage bays capable of carrying up to 75 kgs of baggage, so for most day or over night trips the DA42 provides a suitable platform for forays further afield.

The DA42 comes with a 'glass flight deck' which is so similar to the larger Boeings and Airbuses that the DA42 is now being adopted by almost all airline flight training schools to complete the transition of their pilots to the 'big tin'!

Any company is only as good as its people; Diamond Executive is solely populated by people who absolutely love flying to the exclusion of all other things! We are passionate about our business, our customers and our aircraft.

Unlike many operations all our staff are mature and highly experienced in their business functions. Our chief pilots have many thousands of hours of experience each, and even our most junior pilots have 3 times the time that some pilots start flying for scheduled airlines!

So come and join us for your next trip; the people are great, the aircraft are fantastic, and the flying is great!


Recent news

DEA opens its door for Part 145 Maintenance

Six months after DEA was awarded its own Part 145 maintenace capablity, DEA has now opened its doors to other Diamond Aicraft operators as well as Piper/Cessna/Slinsgby operators.

Providing a very high quality service at reasonable prices, DEA welcomes aviators with a full service Part 145 and Part M (CAMO) service

DEA promotes Wout Eggens to Head of Flight Training

March 2015: Wout Eggens has been formally approved by the CAA to be the Head of DEA Flight Training, an EASA AOC Form 4 post holder position, one of the most challenging appointments in the industry.


DEA appoints former Red Arrow leader to augment DEA flight operations

February 2015:  Dicky Patounas joins DEA’s senior management team to help take DEA to the next level as the deputy head of flight operations with special responsibility for overall flight /ground operations co-ordination.

Dicky Patounas joins DEA after a 25 year eclectic and wide ranging flying career in the RAF latterly overseeing the introduction of Typhoon into both UK and Saudi operational service and previously two tours of duty with the Red Arrows, latterly as ‘Red One’ aka the most senior operational manager of the squadron.

DEA appoints Director of Engineering

January 2015: Gerald Cooper is appointed as Director of Engineering for DEA (Diamond-Executive Aviation) responsible for DEA’s Part M, Part 145 and Part 21 activities.

Gerald joins DEA from a multi discipline 25 year career in global aerial survey, freight and passenger operations where he has held almost all EASA/CAA post holder approvals. In addition, in his spare time, Gerald has represented the UK at the World Aerobatic Championships.

DEA and DA42 MPP mentioned in ThinkDefence Article

There is a general and widespread assumption that unmanned ISTAR is cheap ISTAR but I think the best that can be said of this assumption is that the jury is still out. Taking into consideration loss rates, bandwidth costs and other factors there is still a demand for manned ISTAR in high or low threat environments.

An example of this in a UK context is.. the continued use by the British Army of Diamond DA42’s in the fast jet/RPAS surrogate role for training support, contracted to the Army through 3DSL

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