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Flight Tracking Centre

The DEA tracking system tracks both aircraft and crews. Tracks may be withheld for security or privacy reasons.


DEA policy is to allocate call signs to each aircraft for each mission, these are shown on the second web page. Please call if you need to know which aircraft is allocated which call sign on a particular day.


For security and operational reasons not all of of DEA's aircraft are trackable at all times! The first web screen shows tracks over the past 24 hours. The second web screen can be configured to suit our requirements.


You may have to scroll through several pages to find the aircraft and time combination you require.

For security or other reasons these web links may not be valid on any specific day.

The satellite uplink is updated normally every 10 minutes. Take off and landing messages usually appear with 3 to 5 minutes of being sent.

However poor satellite geometry or availability, the aircraft manoeuvring or higher priority messages to the operations centre may delay the appearance of tracking information.

Usually, for these reasons, it may take 20-40 minutes for en-route tracking information to appear after the initial take off message.

DEA operations integrates this data into other data sources (CFMU, Satellite based SMS, VHF Radio, Radar) for a composite assessment of the location of the aircraft.

The pilot tracking portal will show the last / current position on when then they last used the system, hence why quite a few are clustered in and around Gamston and others are shown where they last were!


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