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Diamond-Executive Aviation supports RAF in 2012 Olympics Security Program

The RAF’s Typhoon Equipped 17 Squadron conducted activity associated with the intervention of light aircraft as part of the UK Government’s wide ranging security initiatives around the 2012 Olympic Games.

Diamond-Executive Aviation (DEA) has provided Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft and crews to assist the RAF in developing a variety of intervention procedures.

DEA completes move to Gamston Airport

As of Monday the 13th February 2012, DEA commenced all ground based operations from its new building at Retford (Gamston) Airport ICAO:EGNE.

All inbound communications and calls shoud be directed at the new telephone number of 01777 838731. Normal email contact is and out of hours number is  07827 491350.

DEA's partner 3SDL awarded third MoD contract for ISTAR and CAS training

DEA's ISTAR partner has been awarded its third consecutive contract for MoD ISTAR training. DEA will provide the aircraft, cameras, down links and flight crews for the fourth consecutive exercise to be awarded to the 3SDL/DEA team.


Two DA42 MPPs will be allocated to the project to provide high availability which will be run on the Salisbury Plain training area during March/April 2012.


DEA to move all operations to Gamston Airport

DEA has reached agreement with Gamston Aviation Ltd, owners of Gamston Airport (EGNE), to base all its operations at the airport. DEA is taking a 2,500 sq ft office building together with a co-located 8,000sq ft heated hangar.

Several of DEA's staff are relocating to the area as part of the agreement.

DEA features in December issue of AirForces Monthly

AirForces Monthly featured an article on one of  DEA's DA42MPPs and the contract with 3SDL in support of Exercise Joint Warrior. A copy of the article has been uploaded.

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